TRY initiates local recycling scheme for low energy bulbs

TRY has set up a recycling scheme in Richmond for these bulbs, which should not be placed in ordinary waste destined for landfill. You can of course take them to the Household Waste Site at Brompton-on- Swale, but we now have recycling boxes in the Co-op store in Queen’s Road and in the Richmondshire District Council Community Office in Dundas Street.

The bulbs will be sent, through the Community Bulb Recycling Alliance, for processing so that the materials can be reused, and the small mercury content dealt with safely. Please don’t put broken bulbs in the box, only those which have stopped working.  Many thanks to the Co-op and RDC for letting us use their premises for this scheme.


Recycle Week Low Energy Light bulb Bin

From Left to Right: Vera Holmes (TRY), Jenny Lowes (RDC), Sheila Pearson(TRY)

If the banks prove a success, others could be placed around the two districts.

“Low energy light bulbs save energy, carbon and money but it is essential they are recycled at the end of their life as they contain a small amount of mercury,” said Recycling Officer, Jenny Lowes.

“Specially designed recycling containers have been made to stop them breaking and releasing the mercury.

For more information on light bulb recycling visit – light bulbs can also be recycled at all Household Waste Recycling Centres throughout North Yorkshire in the

A full list of all Hambleton and Richmondshire’s recycling sites can be found on and – follow the recycling links.


Jenny Lowes on 01748 827166 or

Sheila Pearson 01748 825559